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3 in 1 tile

Visum3 is a patented interlocking tile with an innovative triple cambered design that gives the appearance of three plain tiles.

Wide range of colours   

Its triple exclusive decoration system offers a broader range of tones and hues, so no two tiles are alike.

Excellent flatness 

H-Cassette manufacturing provides a perfect finish to each product.

Double interlocking

The double interlocking horizontal and vertical allows the roof to be more watertight, ensuring its impermeability.

Cost reduction

Its large format (11,5 units/m2) and strapping every 6 units, as well as its packaging on pallets of 216 and 288 units, reduct installation costs.

Lower absorption (<5%)

High-quality clay together with high firing temperature means higher resistance to ice and mildew.

Higher resistance

The clay composition together with the perfect pressing allows flexion higher than the required while only weighing 3.5kg.

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