Source: Orense, Spain
Colour: Dark Grey
Appearance: Gallegas® is a smooth textured Slate approximately 4-6mm thick with sawn dressed edges.

An extremely popular product, sourced from the Gallegas® quarry in Spain, it has a very distinctive appearance due to its grain. Well known for its distinctive beauty and durability, we have been supplying Gallegas® slate for almost 10 Years. The Gallegas® quarry is one of the most modern in Europe and is unusual in that it is one of the very few which are “Underground”. The slate is extracted from the mine using saws which ensures that the Gallegas® slates are very uniform, requiring minimal grading.


Gallegas® slates are available from SIG Roofing centres in the usual standard sizes – 600mm x 300mm and 500mm x 250mm and in the three grades Prestige, Heritage and Traditional. SIG Roofing are sole agents for Gallegas® in Ireland.


Gallegas® slate is expected to exceed the life of the building. A formal manufacturer backed guarantee is given for a 75 year period on Prestige slate, for 50 years on Heritage slate and for 30 years on Traditional slate. This guarantee applies when the slates are fixed in accordance with ICP2:2002 and BS5534:2003. Gallegas® conforms to BS EN12326-1:2004 – Slate and Stone products for discontinuous roofing.


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