Cupa 5


Cupa 5

Source: Quarry Rande, Ortigueira (A Coruña), Spain.
Operating since 1969
Colour: Grey / Black
Appearance: Cupa 5. A riven surfaced slate approximately 5mm thick.

Cupa Pizarras is the world leader in the natural roofing slate sector. they boast 16 quarries in Spain and 22 processing plants equipped with the latest technology, which combines perfectly with the traditional and artisan know-how present from the very beginning.

The quality and guarantee of Cupa products are guaranteed by the strict control applied to the entire slate production process, from extraction to processing at the plants.


1 in every 3 roof slates supplied around the world is a Cupa Pizarras slate.


Cupa 5 slate is certifeed as A1, S1, T1 and conforms to EN 12326-1:2004 – Slate and

Stone products for discontinuous roofng. Cupa R5 slate is expected to exceed the

life of the building and a formal manufacturer backed guarantee of 30 years is available when the slate is fitted in accordance with ICP2:2002 and BS5534:2014, and National Building Regulations.

(The photograph below shows an example of CUPA 5)Cupa 5

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