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Source: Galicia, Spain
Colour: Dark Grey
Appearance: Samaca  is a smooth textured Slate approximately 5-7mm thick with sawn dressed edges.

Samaca has been quarrying and exporting slate all around the world for 40 years now. Thanks to its solid structure, the company produces over 3.5 million sq m of slate roofing tiles a year at 15 different quarries.

Extensive technological innovation and stringent quality controls are key factors in the excellent quality/price ratio that is a mainstay of every order you place with Samaca. Among the most notable qualities of Samaca slate is its impermeability and resistance to frost and low temperatures. Capco Samaca slate can easily withstand the inclemency of the weather and is equally impervious to the passage of time. We select and check the quality of each roof tile to achieve the finest aesthetic and functional results, no matter what the architectural style.


Guarantee Samaca slate is certified as A1, S1, T1 and conforms to EN 12326- 1:2004 – Slate and Stone products for discontinuous roofing. Samaca slate is expected to exceed the life of the building and a formal manufacturer backed guarantee of 30 years is available when fitted in accordance with ICP2:2002 and BS5534:2003.

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