Welcome to the SIG Roofing website..

For over 20 years SIG Roofing has been a leading force in the distribution of natural & fibre cement slates, clay tiles and roofing accessories in Ireland, with dedicated Roofing Centres operating from locations nationwide.

Making the right choice is important, whether you are a seasoned house developer or building your dream home. Finding the right roofing products for your needs can be frustrating. A myriad of questions need answering including:

What is available?
Which products are best for my build?
Where do I get them from?
How much should I pay?

Furthermore, these are all questions which need answering as early in the project as possible.

At SIG Roofing we understand the importance of making the right decision and we can help our customers to achieve their vision with confidence. Customer satisfaction is the key to our commercial philosophy.